In2action develops workshops and training materials on both Communication and Fundraising to provide organisations with best tools and resources. We take into account what works best in the different regions of the world both to start up programmes and to improve organisations current efforts, which can be put into practice immediately after the training.

in2learning in organisation in English and Spanish

We organise specific workshops and clinics for national, regional and global organisations aimed at their staff, boards, key volunteers and social organisations. We have courses on fundraising strategy, branding, communication, every particular technique from direct marketing for individual donors to corporate and institutional donors, events, sustainability and much more.

Multi organisation in2learning courses in Spanish

From wherever you are, our live interactive workshops in Spanish via Zoom are a great solution for professionals and organisations in the Spanish markets. If you fund and organisation in the Latin America or Spanish speaking zone get a look at our next trainings:

Partnerships in2action: How to add corporate partners to your NGO and multiply positive results.


3 MEETINGS via ZOOM – 8, 10 and 15 August 2023

We invite you to review together all the components that achieve successful partnerships between NGOs and companies. 3 practical and interactive meetings to analyse your strategy and possibilities and co-create the aspects of improvement to achieve new and better alliances.

Hands on intensive Workshop: Donor cultivation to raise more and better for your NGO


3 MEETINGS via ZOOM – 23, 25 and 29 August 2023

Don´t miss this super practical and interactive workshop, where we will help you analyse your current donor retention strategy and discover every area of improvement to retain and activate your donor base.

Storytelling & creativity for your NGO: the art of creating stories that raise funds


3 MEETINGS - New edition coming soon

Join us on this Hands On, interactive workshop via Zoom, bring the story you tell today to raise funds and discover the new and true way of inspiring and motivating donors

Branding and communication for your NGO to raise more money


3 MEETINGS – September 2023

How important is the image of your NGO when it comes to fundraising? In these 3 unmissable meetings we will analyse what a comprehensive branding strategy for an NGO entails and how to put it into practice in your own organisation right away.

Mini course on Fundraising and communication for Museums and cultural associations


4 MEETINGS – October 2023

A specific course for museums, cultural associations, their teams, volunteers and boards. Over 4 super practical interactive zoom meetings where we will review all the key concepts that make good fundraising for these organisations and find the key strategies to put into practice.

Immersed in indicators: everything your NGO needs to put into practice in real life


3 MEETINGS – November 2023

A must-attend workshop for those who are in practice trying to maximise their efforts and the performance of their strategies. Together we will analyse which indicators are key specifically for your NGO and which ones you can’t afford not to use, how to negotiate with suppliers and select the variables that are most relevant to your NGO.

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