Lazaro Maisler

Lazaro Maisler is an associated professional at in2action expert in organisational start-ups and integrated communication and fundraising campaigns with a trajectory of more than 20 years in the third sector. He acts as Head of Public Engagement – OXFAM Argentina, an international humanitarian aid organisation.

He has served as Head of the Provincial Resources and Communication Area (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Mexico) of Obra Don Orione for 7 years, from where he tripled the number of small donors and developed a successful capital campaign. Between 2001 and 2011 he worked as manager of the electronic donations and CRM administrator of Obra Don Orione and worked as systems coordinator and head of ICTs for the Development Office of Chabad Lubavitch Argentina for its programs. Ieladeinu and The Chabad Foundation.

In 2018 he was Head of Resource Development and Institutional Communication at Fundación Temaiken. As an independent professional, he has provided services for the Fundación del Padre Mario, among other organisations. He was Chair of AEDROS and is currently a member of the Training Commission.

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Norma Galafassi

Norma is a recognised international trainer, expert in strategy and integrated campaigns.

Santiago Sánchez Lockhart

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Lazaro Maisler

Lazaro is an expert in start up organisations and integrated communication and fundraising campaigns

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Carla is expert in sustainability issues and coordination of NGO strategy and implementation.

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