Marcela Garriga

Marcela is founder and director of the consulting firm “Trazo Propio”, which specializes in market research, planning and strategic innovation for the private, public and NGO sectors. For 15 years she has worked regionally on ad-hoc projects with companies and organisations such as Arcor, Unilever, Coca Cola, Argentine Advertising Council, Unicef, Mercedes Benz, UNDP, etc.

She is also working as a researcher and methodological advisor at the Lab Cultura + Territorio de Flacso (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences).

She studied at the University of Buenos Aires a Bachelor of Sociology with a specialization in Culture and a Master in Business with a Specialization in Marketing at the St Andrews University, Argentina. She has also worked in the sector of Non-Profit organisations managing fund development areas in Caritas National Commission and in Greenpeace of Argentina.

in2action People

Norma Galafassi

Norma is a recognised international trainer, expert in strategy and integrated campaigns.

Santiago Sánchez Lockhart

Santiago is graphic designer and photographer specialized in working with NGOs’

Lazaro Maisler

Lazaro is an expert in start up organisations and integrated communication and fundraising campaigns

Carla Ginobili

Carla is expert in sustainability issues and coordination of NGO strategy and implementation.

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